Everything You Know About Oil Has Changed. Experience the Synthetic Difference.

For your engine to maintain peak performance, it has one very important liquid to thank: your engine oil. Thankfully, preserving your engine’s life is a cinch when you have the experience of our Tires Plus oil change experts and a full line of synthetic blend and full synthetic oil services. With all the right oil change options, we have the motor oils that meet your vehicle’s needs—and your budget. With proper oil change maintenance you can keep cruising today, tomorrow and for many thousands of miles to come.

Keeping your engine running at peak performance wouldn’t be possible without a fresh oil change. It’s your engine’s lifeblood, and if you don’t change it on a regular basis, it can fast become an ugly, engine damaging mess. As motor oil ages, it wears out and becomes infected with contaminants. Leave that dirty motor oil in your system, and it will begin to thicken, losing its luster and ability to protect your engine. The result? Engine wear and damage, reduced performance and even expensive repairs. Nobody wants that. That’s why we’re here: to help you keep your ride properly maintained and your engine protected with the right engine oil, expert service and advice.

Discover all the oil change options that we offer at Tires Plus Total Car Care below.

  • GT-1® High Performance Synthetic Blend View Details

    GT-1® High Performance Synthetic Blend

    Not your conventional oil change.

  • GT-1® High Mileage Synthetic Blend View Details

    GT-1® High Mileage Synthetic Blend

    Renewed life for vehicles over 75,000 miles.

  • GT-1® Full Synthetic View Details

    GT-1® Full Synthetic

    Up to the most demanding climates and conditions.

Ask an auto care advisor to learn how often your manufacturer recommends oil and filter changes for your vehicle and for complete details on our warranty.

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