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30-minute oil change or the next one's free (with appointment)

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The Tires Plus Oil Change: Different is Better


Honestly, there are lots of places you can get an oil change. And it’s possible you might not have even considered us at Tires Plus. Here’s why you should:

We know how important your oil change is.

If you don’t change your oil regularly, it will thicken and your engine can get damaged — leading to reduced performance and even expensive repairs. You can trust our team to help you keep your car properly maintained and your engine protected — with the right engine oil, excellent service and sound advice.

We can save you time and money.

Our specialists will help you figure out which oil is best for your vehicle — while also keeping your budget in mind. And with our 30–Minute Oil Change Guarantee, we’ll get you back on the road in a half–hour or your next oil change is free (with appointment).

We give you more.

It’s like we always say: "The plus is in everything we do." Here, you get an oil change PLUS our Courtesy Check — which is a 19–point inspection of your vehicle that’s absolutely free.

See all of our oil change options below!

More Than Oil Change Services – All the Plus–es

You and your vehicle deserve more than just an oil change. Sure, every Tires Plus oil change service includes:

  • New filter installation
  • Chassis lubrication (if necessary)
  • A 3–month/3,000 mile warranty

But we’re Tires Plus! That "plus" means you get –for free – our 19–point Courtesy Check. Our specialist will visually inspect your vehicle’s:

  • Wiper blades
  • Head, tail and mini lights
  • Air filter
  • Fluid levels
  • Belts & hoses
  • Battery
  • Tires

And you can always upgrade to our Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection – which includes a hands–on inspection of the brake, steering/suspension and exhaust systems – for an added fee.

How often should I change my oil?

Ask your auto care advisor at Tires Plus – they’ll help you find out how often your manufacturer recommends oil and filter changes, and give you all the details on our warranty. You can also see your vehicle’s important maintenance milestones by clicking below.

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