Pothole Damage

Pothole Damage

Pothole damage poses problems aplenty

A sure-fire way to damage your vehicle is to hit a pothole. Unfortunately, navigating divots in the road is a daily reality, one that doesn’t necessarily reveal itself until you’re on top of the pothole and damage has occurred.

If you hit a pothole, damage can range from steering system misalignment to bent rims and tire puncture. Given damage isn’t always obvious and pothole damage can put other systems and parts in peril, it’s important to address the problem as soon as possible by getting a timely inspection.

Bring your car to our experienced auto care experts. We’ll conduct a complete vehicle inspection, assess any damage and correct pothole damage problems.

Pothole damage affects other parts and can lead to:

  • Tire puncture, wear or damage
  • Misalignment of your steering system
  • Damage to wheel rims
  • Engine damage
  • Damaged suspension or broken suspension components
  • Untimely wear to shocks and struts
  • Damaged exhaust system

Pothole problems? Need to assess the damage?

Schedule a complete vehicle inspection at Tires Plus Total Car Care today.

If your vehicle has experienced pothole damage, your technician may recommend a number of services to right the wrong, including:

The reality of pothole damage

Whether you hit a pothole head-on or barely, your vehicle probably got damaged. The severity of damage depends on how deep the pothole was and how fast you were driving when you hit it. Some pothole damage, such as a flat tire, is clear. But it’s important to remember other less apparent problems – like misalignment – can be lurking beneath the surface, leading to premature tire wear or the need for tire replacement.

Automotive maintenance, vehicle repairs and tire replacement is what we do. Bring your vehicle to Tires Plus Total Car Care, so our experienced technicians can set things right. By performing a complete vehicle inspection, they’ll detect pothole damage problems and find a fix.

When you hit a pothole or suspect pothole damage has occurred, get your car inspected as soon as possible. Identifying and correcting pothole damage can prevent the need for costlier repairs as well as more serious damage to other car parts.

Signs of pothole damage

Tires: When your tires hit a pothole, their sidewalls may bulge. If this occurs, addressing the issue as soon as possible is integral.

Rims: Odds are, your vehicle’s rims are aluminum-based, and this makes them susceptible to dents. What’s more, bent rims are a potential byproduct of hitting a deep pothole at high-speed. Tires Plus Total Car Care technicians are experienced at correcting pothole issues that result.

Exhaust System: If strange noises come from your exhaust system, pothole damage may be the cause. A complete vehicle inspection is essential to determine if that’s the case.

Undercarriage: It’s not uncommon for a pothole to dent or puncture the undercarriage of your car. Left unchecked, this can lead to fluid leaks and rust. By getting a complete vehicle inspection, our technicians can catch pothole problems before they wreak havoc on your vehicle.

Ways to avoid pothole damage

Bypassing pothole problems in the first place is your best bet. Sadly, it isn’t always that simple since potholes seem to appear from nowhere or aren’t visible at all. To minimize the chance of damaging your vehicle from potholes, follow these tips.

  • Keep your tires inflated per your manufacturer’s recommended tire air pressure. Appropriately inflated tires offer your wheel rims with the best protection from potholes. Mind you, both under and over-inflating tires limits your vehicle’s protection from pothole damage.
  • Leave room between your car and the vehicle in front of you. That way, you’ll have breathing room to spot – and avoid – potholes.
  • When it’s damp or inclement out, it’s difficult to tell the size and depth of a pothole. Sometimes, it’s hard to see them at all. If you’re driving during bad weather, do so at a reduced speed. You’re more likely to see driving hazards, like potholes, before damage occurs.