We provide more than a temporary bandage for tire repair.

Automotive and Tire Repairs – Frustrating and Inconvenient.

One simple rule: if the eye can’t see it, the tire can’t avoid it. Tree branches, rocks and debris can sneak up on you, and we’re here to fix the tire damage.

If you hit something on the road, it can have a ripple effect. That flat may be inconvenient at the time, but if you don’t address it right away it can lead to even more tire repair. Alignment or bent rims can set your car up for a bumpy ride. It’s best if the tire damage solution is found sooner rather than later.

Let the tire repair experts take a look. If something doesn’t feel right, chances are there may be a problem. Save yourself expensive repairs down the road with a timely inspection at Tires Plus. Our automotive repair experts will assess any potential problems caused by tire damage. In many cases, it’s just a simple fix.

Tire Repairs – The Concealed Threat.

You’ve hit an obstruction in the road. Whether it’s a tree branch, a rock or a nail, the tire damage is done. And time is critical. You may think it’s as simple as patching the tire, but the damage could be concealed. Minor misalignment, damaged steering or suspension can be difficult to catch, which is why it helps to have someone assess and test the level of tire damage. These tests can provide peace of mind and help prevent costly automotive and tire repairs down the road.

Tires Plus technicians are experts in automotive maintenance, vehicle repairs and tire replacements. We’ll take a look and assess the tire damage and the impact it could have on your vehicle.

If you hit debris in the road, be on the safe side and bring your vehicle in to Tires Plus for a complete inspection. A little time now spent addressing tire damage has the potential to save you money later.

Signs of Tire Damage

It’s easy to avoid the impact of tire damage. Know the signs:

Tires: Hitting a tree branch or something large can cause the sidewalls on your tires to bulge. If not addressed right away, costly tire repairs could be coming your way.

Rims: A majority of new cars have aluminum rims. If struck by a large object in the road, they made be more susceptible to bending.

Undercarriage: Though you may not be able to see it, it’s important to pay attention if you think you hit something on the road. If fluid is leaking, be sure to bring your vehicle in for a complete inspection, we’ll get underneath it and to the root of the problem.

Exhaust System: You hit something and now you hear noises coming from your exhaust system.