Keep Rolling.

Even When Flat.

Bridgestone run-flat tires give drivers the peace of mind:
drivers know that they won’t be stranded from a flat tire.


Flat Tire Facts

  • With Run-Flat Tires, you can drive at least 50 miles Flat tires account for about 10% of breakdowns

3rd Generation Technology


The Bridgestone Support Ring inside the tire supports the vehicle after a loss of air pressure allowing the tire to function and the vehicle to continue on the road.

Run Flat Support Detail

Keep Cool.

By having a protrusion (Cooling Fin) on the side of a tire, the movement of air around the tire’s sidewall is accelerated as the tire spins. This provides a cooling effect to the tire’s surface area.

Run Flat Cooling Fin Detail

Prevent Separation.

To prevent a tire separating from the wheel when tire pressure is lost, specifically designed beads are used.

Run Flat Tire Pressure Detail