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Jul 1 - 31, 2014

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Summer Service Specials!

These exclusive offers are good only at your store listed above. Schedule an appointment today to take advantage of these great offers.

Promotion Runs

Jul 1 - 31, 2014

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Stop in for great savings to get your ride ready for the road.  $21.99 Synthetic Blend Oil Change + $9.99 Complete Vehicle Inspection + $99.99 Brake Special + $9.99 A/C Performance Check + FREE Battery Check + $79 Alignment and our $134.99 Manager's Special including Synthetic Blend Oil Change, 4 Tire Rotation and Balance & 3 Year Alignment Agreement - a Savings of $89.98!!

Most vehicles.  Savings off current in-store point-of-sale price at participating stores. Not to be combined with another offer on same product or service and not to be used to reduce outstanding debt. No cash value.  Offer void where prohibited.  See store for details.

Complete Auto Service for your Car, Truck, SUV or Minivan

  • Brake Services

    Your car’s brakes work hard. And the job they do is critical to your safety. That’s why it’s so important for you to be aware of how your brakes work, and to be alert for signs that your brakes need maintenance. At Tires Plus Total Car Care we know how braking systems work and help you keep your brakes in top shape. No matter what your brake system needs, Tires Plus Total Car Care is here to help make sure your car is functioning properly.

    Learn about Brake service from Tires Plus

  • Alignment Services

    Keeping your vehicle on the straight and narrow is a top concern of our auto technicians. We offer a wide selection of steering and alignment services to best fit your needs. Our technicians can check out your car and get you heading down the right path.

    • Alignment Check • Standard Alignment • Plus Alignment • Premium Alignment

    Learn about Alignment Services at Tires Plus

  • Engine Services

    Every engine has different needs, depending on past use and driving conditions. At Tires Plus Total Car Care, we offer a number of engine services that can help you get the most engine performance. From diagnostics to tune ups Tires Plus is your one stop shop for Engine Services

    • Standard Tune-up • Plus Tune-up • Premium Tune-up

    Learn about all the engine services we offer at Tires Plus

  • Oil Change

    Changing your vehicle’s oil is perhaps the most important maintenance you can perform to keep your engine working its best. Engine oil helps reduce the heat caused by friction and keeps all the parts of your engine moving smoothly. Over time the oil in your engine breaks down and small bits of debris and dirt can get into the oil making it less slippery and less protective. At Tires Plus Total Car Care, we have several oil change services to protect your engine.

    • Standard Oil Change • Plus Oil Change • Premium Oil Change

    Learn about Oil Changes at Tires Plus

  • Maintenance Tune-Up

    Your car’s engine is made up of hundreds of complex components working together to ensure that your vehicle starts and runs properly. Over time, however, these components can wear out, resulting in a loss of performance and fuel economy. It may be time for a tune-up if you notice a decrease in gas mileage, or a noticeable loss in power. The technicians at Tires Plus Total Car Care are trained to work on today’s high tech engines. We’re here to help maintain your vehicle and extend its life.

    Learn about Tune-ups at Tires Plus

  • Transmission Service

    Repairing or replacing your transmission can be an expensive repair to make for your vehicle. Maintaining your transmission according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations helps to prolong its life and helps cut down on costly repair or breakdown in the future. Tires Plus Total Car Care can help you keep your transmission in top shape.

    Learn about Transmission Services at Tires Plus

  • A/C Service

    Keeping you and your passengers comfortable during the hottest weather is the job of your automobile’s air conditioning system. Your air conditioning system works by taking heat from the air inside your vehicle and moving that heat to the outside air, leaving you with cool comfortable air. To keep you cool, your vehicle’s air conditioning needs to be leak free. Tires Plus can help you keep you cool by taking a look at your air conditioner.

    Learn about A/C services at Tires Plus

  • Radiator Service

    Your radiator keeps your vehicle’s engine from overheating. To do this, a coolant mixture of water and anti-freeze is circulated through the engine block. The coolant absorbs heat from the engine and is pumped by the water pump through hoses to the radiator. Once the radiator transfers the heat from the engine to the outside air, the coolant circulates back to the engine and the cycle begins again. At Tires Plus Total Car Care, we perform a Radiator Flush which removes virtually all of the old coolant and contaminants in your radiator and replaces it with new coolant. This will keep your cooling system working properly and will protect your vehicle for miles to come.

    Learn about Radiator Services at Tires Plus

  • Vehicle Inspection

    Proper, periodic inspections of your vehicle’s major operating systems are the best way to reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. At regular intervals, your vehicle manufacturer also recommends a more complete inspection of the major systems. At Tires Plus Total Car Care your vehicle receives a free courtesy check every time you visit.

    Learn about Vehicle Inspections at Tires Plus