Passenger Tire Replacement Guide

With appropriate care and maintenance, your tires will wear evenly and ensure a safe and pleasant driving experience. It’s important to bring your vehicle to Tires Plus for scheduled tire maintenance throughout the life of your tires. Your local Tires Plus experts can help you keep your tires in good condition, and can give personalized recommendations when it’s time for tire replacement or repair. 

Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can affect the performance and safety of your vehicle’s tires. The tire specialists at your local Tires Plus can perform a tire pressure check to prevent damage to your tires or vehicle.

Regularly Scheduled Tire Rotation

Tire rotation ensures that your tires are being worn evenly so that proper balance and control of the vehicle is maintained. How often should tires be rotated? Watch the video below to find out the best time to rotate your vehicle’s tires and come to your nearest Tires Plus location for tire rotation service.

Replacing Tires

If you’re not sure when to buy new tires, Tires Plus can help. With our selection of quality tires and our expert knowledge, Tires Plus provides the best tire replacement service. Come to your nearest Tires Plus location to speak with one of our technicians about tire replacement, and learn more about replacing your vehicle’s tires in the video below.

Video Transcription

Tires need to be replaced for a variety of reasons. In some instances, a single tire is all that is necessary, but the majority of tires are replaced in sets of two or four. When the inflation pressure is regularly maintained and the tires are rotated every five to seven thousand miles, all four tires will typically be worn evenly and replaced at the end of their service life. Drivers who fail to maintain and rotate their tires often find themselves needing to replace tires on one axle before the tires on the other axle are completely worn. Since the tires are the only part of the vehicle that contacts the road, it is important to consult your tire professional and follow some simple recommendations for consumer tire replacement.

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