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Transmission Service

Repairing or replacing your auto transmission can be one of the most expensive repairs you may have to make on your vehicle. Maintaining your transmission (according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) not only prolongs the life of your car, but can also prevent a costly repair or breakdown in the future.

Why Does Auto Transmission Service Cost More Than Other Services?

Because of all the systems in your vehicle, the transmission is one of the most complicated. Auto transmissions use a complex system of hydraulics and gears to transfer power from your engine to your wheels. As you can imagine, with all the work and shifting that happens when you drive, a lot of heat is created inside the transmission.

The Importance of Temperature

To help maintain a safe and constant operating temperature, your vehicle uses transmission fluid to cool and lubricate the moving parts. The fluid reduces the amount of potentially damaging heat inside the transmission and helps increase the life of this important system.

Because some of the ingredients in the transmission fluid break down over time due to this heat, many vehicle manufacturers recommend the fluid be replaced at specified maintenance intervals.

Rely on Us

At Tires Plus, we follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service interval for performing a transmission fluid service. Ask one of our professional technicians when your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends this maintenance.


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