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Air Conditioning Service

The temperature inside a vehicle sitting in the summer sun can easily reach (and exceed) 130°F. Keeping you and your passengers comfortable during the hottest weather is dependent on proper maintenance of your car A/C system.

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How it Works

The air conditioning system works by removing heat from the air inside your vehicle and transferring that heat to the outside air. Once the heat and humidity have been removed, you and your passengers will have cooler, more comfortable air.

To remove the heat, the automotive A/C system relies on several key components that are all controlled electronically. These include:

  • compressor
  • condenser
  • evaporator
  • pressurized refrigerant
  • valves and hoses

What Can Go Wrong

For the A/C system to work correctly and be ready for the hot weather, it needs to be free from leaks so that the refrigerant stays in the system. Although A/C systems are resistant to leaks and contamination, they are not leak–proof. Over time, contamination or leaks can appear and affect the cooling performance of your car A/C system.

In fact, the most common cause of inadequate cooling is when the refrigerant leaks through worn seals and o–rings, loose fittings and connections. To make sure all parts and components of your A/C system work properly, we recommend scheduling your annual auto air conditioning service appointment at the beginning of the warm season. Your auto care advisor can recommend an A/C Performance Check to test for any worn hoses or seals, leaks or contamination — as well as help make sure your vehicle is ready for warmer weather.

Staying "Green"

We want you to know that some refrigerants used in automotive A/C systems are considered harmful to the environment. That’s why Tires Plus takes great care to use environmentally friendly products and procedures when servicing these systems.

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