Tire Balancing & Tire Mounting

Need–to–know information on tire balancing and mounting when installing new tires.

Replacing just two tires? New ones go on the rear!

Don’t slip up when replacing your tires. When you buy two tires, it’s important that the new ones are always installed in the rear. New tires on the rear axle help you maintain control on wet roads – since deeper treaded tires provide better resistance against hydroplaning. See the difference and importance of tire balancing when installing new tires in the rear:

Always refer to and follow the vehicle manufacturer’s tire replacement and tire application recommendations; consult your vehicle owner’s manual and tire information placard.

Driving your vehicle with an improper mix of tires is dangerous. Your vehicle’s handling characteristics can be seriously affected. You could have an accident resulting in serious personal injury or death. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual, tire information placard and a qualified service professional for proper tire replacement, mounting and balancing.

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