4 Signs Your Car Air Conditioning Needs a Checkup

  • Jul 24,2017
Checking for weak air flow from car air conditioning Checking for weak air flow from car air conditioning

Few issues impact driving comfort as much as unreliable car air conditioning during the summer. Concerned that your A/C may be setting you up for a sweaty ride? Car A/C not blowing cold? Let your various senses help determine if an A/C check-up is in order.

1. Touch: Warm, weak air

Enjoy holding an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day? Use this same sense of touch to gauge your A/C’s health. Turn on your A/C and hold your hand up to the nearest vent. How long does it take the air to get cold? Is the air blowing at a low volume? If the air is cold but barely seeping out, you could be dealing with a faulty air duct system. If the air takes longer than normal to get cold (generally longer than 5-10 minutes) you could have an A/C refrigerant leak. Low airflow or warm air, it's time for a checkup!

2. Smell: Stinky, musty air

Once your A/C is running, take a whiff. Does it smell musty? Or (even worse) like sweaty feet? Unless you left your gym bag in the car overnight, that stench is often a tell-tale sign of bacteria growing in the vents and A/C evaporator. Parts of your car’s A/C system include dark and damp environments—a perfect laboratory for stinky conditions. While it’s tempting to try and cover up the smell with air freshener, think twice. Do you want to be breathing air that’s been run through a tunnel of bacteria? Probably not. Time for a checkup!

3. Hearing: Squealing, buzzing, or clicking sounds

Shh. Do you hear any squealing, buzzing or clicking noises after turning on your A/C? You're not hearing cicadas, crickets, or birds. These sounds might suggest problems with the serpentine belt (squealing), an overcharged system (buzzing) and/or loose mounting bolts (clicking). If your sense of hearing picks up one of these sounds rather than those of summer, stop by for a check-up.

4. Sight: A leaking compressor hose

This sign may be the toughest to notice since it involves under-the-hood components. If you have the know-how, check the hose running upward from your compressor. It should be free of any “muck” or discharge. If it isn't, that may be refrigerant oil, indicating a leak that's hurting the effectiveness of your A/C system. If you're not so familiar with your car's under-the-hood hoses, tubes, and doodads, bring it in for an A/C checkup or full vehicle inspection.

Let Tires Plus solve your A/C troubles

A cool scoop of ice cream, a backyard barbecue, a tall glass of lemonade with the kids! These are all the summer tastes you risk missing out on when you try to solve A/C problems on your own. Let Tires Plus get to the bottom of your A/C troubles so you can spend less time sweating and more time enjoying everything the summer has to offer. Our trusted technicians will do a visual inspection of your A/C, conduct performance tests, and check for leaks to get to the root of your A/C problems. Schedule an appointment online or stop by your nearest Tires Plus for an A/C service and repair today. We’ll get you back on the road as soon as possible so you can get back to what you enjoy most!

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