How Often Should You Get a Tire Alignment?

  • Nov 30,2018
Tires Plus technician doing a wheel alignment Tires Plus technician doing a wheel alignment

When your tires are properly aligned, your vehicle drives straight and your ride feels smooth. But when your tire alignment is off, then your whole vehicle feels off.

Poor tire alignment causes your vehicle to veer to one side or the other, even on a straight and level road. This can cause your tires to wear out faster and affect your car’s responsiveness—ultimately putting your safety at risk!

So, when do you need a tire alignment? If you experience any veering or notice uneven wear on your tires, the answer is immediately.

Otherwise, the general rule for when you should get a tire alignment is once per year. But that doesn’t apply to every vehicle.

When might you need a tire alignment sooner?

Many situations can influence how often you should get a tire alignment. If you can answer "yes" to any of the following questions, it’s probably time to schedule a tire alignment sooner rather than later.

  • Have you had new tires installed on your vehicle? This is the ideal opportunity for a tire alignment. You'll help your tires wear evenly from the get-go.
  • Have you recently struck a pothole or curb? Such a shock to your car’s system can easily knock one or more tires out of alignment. Over time, a slight misalignment can cause a lot of uneven or premature tire wear.
  • Do you regularly drive on poorly maintained roads with wheel ruts, cracks, and debris? Potholes aren't the only thing that can cause poor alignment. Rough travel can, too.
  • Is your car considered “sporty” (along the lines of a Ford Mustang or Nissan 350Z) and does it have wider tires? Wider tires often require adjustments to multiple angles—the toe, camber, and caster—to ensure optimal tire alignment. Don’t worry about memorizing these angles, though. The seasoned pros at Tires Plus are ready to help!

Some conditions could result in less frequent tire alignments. If you don’t put many miles on your car—say, 6,000 or so in a year—you’re likely okay with a slightly broader tire alignment service time frame.

Don’t delay: align your tires today.

If you answered "yes" to any of our questions or can't remember the last time you had an alignment, schedule an appointment for an alignment check and service.

And then, relax. We're service people, not salespeople. That means you won’t have to deal with any hard sell. At your local Tires Plus, you’ll get tire alignment service, professional insight, and helpful tips from a skilled technician.

So head on in. We'll keep your ride on the straight and narrow.

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