5 No-Fail Steps for Choosing the Best Car Battery

  • Oct 9,2017
5 No-Fail Steps for Choosing the Best Car Battery 5 No-Fail Steps for Choosing the Best Car Battery

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Ever heard this phrase? It’s Murphy’s Law, and no matter what you drive, the odds are good that your vehicle has experienced it firsthand.

And when it comes to car parts, no part seems as vulnerable as car batteries. Everyone has had a dead battery at one time or another! That’s why we’ve put together the following no-fail steps for choosing the best car battery. It’s time to set your car up for success right from the start!

Step 1: Test your current battery.

First, replace your battery at the right time to help avoid damage to your electrical system and other car parts. Car batteries can last anywhere from two to six years, depending on the climate. That means the older the battery, the more important it is to have it checked. Another telltale sign? Your car’s engine struggles to turn over. That may mean an extremely low charge. Stop by your local Tires Plus for a free battery test and we’ll let you know exactly how much life is left in your current battery.

Step 2: Get the right battery size.

Identifying the correct battery size is easy as referring to your owner’s manual. “Your best bet is to check the car’s existing battery and replace like for like in performance terms,” says automotive expert James Foxhall.

If you don’t have your owner’s manual handy, talk with a Tires Plus technician. They’ll be able to steer you in the right direction as far as voltage, size, and terminal placements.

Step 3: Evaluate the battery brand.

It only seems there are as many car battery brands as there are sheep in New Zealand. (Nearly 30 million, in case you’re wondering.) How do you know which is the best car battery brand for your vehicle?

You can turn to your owner’s manual, Consumer Reports, or the Internet for the answer. Better yet, speak with a technician who has practical, hands-on experience with car batteries.

Step 4: Get a long battery warranty.

Can’t decide between two different car batteries? Pick the one that offers the longest warranty. If Murphy’s Law strikes within your warranty period, you’ll be saving money and stress when you have a warranty to fall back on.

Step 5: Have your battery professionally installed.

You can sort through millions of Internet search results and spend many more hours researching top brands to find the best battery and learn how to install it...or you can visit your local Tires Plus. Our professionals have the experience you need to feel confident about the battery powering your car. They’re also happy to provide a free battery test while you’re there.

You don’t even have to leave your couch to find the best car battery. Just select your vehicle, year, make, model and engine on TiresPlus.com and we’ll show you the right car batteries for your vehicle, and at our best price too! Take advantage of our battery prices while they last, because you never know when Murphy’s Law is going to strike!

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