How To: Make a Car Sun Visor Extender

  • Jul 10,2017
How To: Make a Car Sun Visor Extender How To: Make a Car Sun Visor Extender

Gone are the months of dark winter nights and in their place are warm, summer days filled with seemingly endless light. Night gives way to day, and to afternoon baseball games, grassy picnics, and road trips across the country with our family and friends.

However, the same sunshine that illuminates our days can also cause a glare, making it difficult to see while on the road. This glare gets especially pronounced around sunrise and sunset. And while most cars come equipped with a sun visor, often times it’s not quite long enough to block it all out...but we’ve got a solution! Make a DIY car sun visor extender by following these simple steps. When you can better see the road during extra sunny hours, you can do a better job of keeping your family safe!

DIY car sun visor extender, suppliesSupplies:

  • 1.5” Wide Elastic Band
  • Sticky Back Velcro Strip
  • Craft Ply - ⅛ inch thick (can substitute any sturdy material, like scrap cardboard)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paint & Brushes (optional)

Step 1:

Using scissors, cut two pieces of elastic band that are each long enough to wrap around your vehicle’s visor vertically, with a couple extra inches added for overlap.

Step 1 - Make your own car sun visor extender

Step 2:

Using a set of velcro, attach the hook side to one end of your precut elastic band and the loop side to the other end. When fastened, your band becomes a circular loop. Repeat on the second elastic band.

Step 2 - Make your own car sun visor extender

Step 3:

Decide how much extended coverage you’d like to add to your car’s visor and cut it out of a sturdy, light-blocking material. We used a 12” long, precut piece of plywood. However, if you don’t have plywood on hand, you can use a different opaque material, such as cardboard. Just make sure there is enough room to secure the board to your visor, as well as to block out the light.

Step 4 (optional):

Paint your visor extender a color of your choice and let dry. If your kids are helping, let them add an extra touch with some of their favorite stickers, sparkles or rhinestones.

Step 4 - How to make your own car sun visor extender

Step 5:

Fasten the elastic bands around your car’s visor vertically, connecting them together with the velcro at each end. Leave a bit of space between each loop on your visor panel.

Step 5 - Making your own car sun visor extender

Step 6:

Slide your extender board under the bands on your vehicle’s visor and adjust to your desired length. Depending on the strength of the sun, you can slide the extender in or out as you see fit.Step 6 - Making your own car sun visor extender

Whether you’re heading to the grocery store or across the country, there’s no more need to worry about the sun in your eyes. While this DIY visor will help with glare, there are a few other steps you can take to protect yourself from the shining sun while driving. Keep your windshield clean, invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses, and maintain a sizeable distance between your car and other drivers.

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