5 Questions to Ask Your Tires Plus Technician

  • Aug 6,2018
technician holding wrench fist bumping customer technician holding wrench fist bumping customer

We don't use a lot of industry mumbo jumbo and we don't go into long, drawn out explanations. At Tires Plus, we keep it simple. We tell you what we recommend and why we recommend it. Can your other car shop do that? Ask your Tires Plus technician these questions to experience the Tires Plus difference for yourself.

Q: Can you show me what the problem looks like?

A: Yes, if it's safe for us to show you, we will. We’re here to help you better understand your vehicle. Plus, seeing, hearing, touching, or smelling the issue can make it easier to understand the technician's explanation and the repairs needed. Keep in mind that some problems, like ones with your car's electronics or sensors, aren't visible to the naked eye.

Q: Can you prioritize these repairs for me?

A: Yes. When it's time for car repairs, it’s not uncommon to have multiple issues going on at the same time.

Worn out brake pads can lead to warped rotors. Old motor oil can lead to engine sludge. Misaligned wheels can lead to uneven tire wear and steering wheel troubles. Your car is a complex machine made up of many connected parts!

There are usually some things that should get fixed right away and other things that can wait. If you need to time your repairs to fit your schedule or budget, ask your technician which repairs are essential to your safety and which repairs can wait. We'll break them down for you.

Q: Can you explain how this works?

A: You bet. We’re here to make things clear and simple. Transmission repair to wheel alignment, the work done to your vehicle shouldn’t be a complete mystery to you. Neither should your car's essential systems. We believe that the more you know about your car and its maintenance, the better you can stay in tune with its needs.

Q: Can I see the broken part?

A: We'll do our best. If your technician is replacing a part on your car, ask them to return your old part in the box of the new one, if possible. This is a great way to learn. Even if you can’t take the old part with you because it’s too heavy, leaky, or messy, you still might want to ask to see it. The more you know about your vehicle, the better!

Q: Can you explain how you fixed it?

A: Of course. We're happy to explain how we diagnosed your car troubles and fixed them. Our expert technicians follow Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) guidelines when maintaining and making repairs to ensure your car is fixed right the first time. Be wary of car shops that can't or won't explain how they fixed your car. Their staff could lack the necessary experience or training.

Ask Tires Plus today!

Since 1976, Tires Plus has offered the best selection of tires, brakes, batteries, and oil—all installed quickly by qualified specialists. Find your nearest Tires Plus—and take these questions with you!—to see how we can help take care of your kid-taxi, road trip wagon, or work vehicle today.

At Tires Plus, You're in the Driver's Seat.

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