What Makes a Good All-Terrain Tire

  • May 25,2020
Pickup truck parked along dirt road on Western USA Road and in beautiful Mountain landscape near Durango Colorado Pickup truck parked along dirt road on Western USA Road and in beautiful Mountain landscape near Durango Colorado

You didn't buy a truck just to park it in your driveway — it was meant for off-road adventures and interstate journeys! However, before you take your CUV, SUV, or truck off the beaten path, you have to make sure it’s ready!

One way to get off-road traction without compromising on-road comfort is to equip your vehicle with a set of good all-terrain tires. Learn about the main features of all-terrain tires and what can make them a good fit for your vehicle!

1. Heavy-Duty Construction

Typically, all-terrain (AT) tires feature a heavy-duty construction to help them navigate and endure the challenges of off-road driving. Depending on the tire brand and model, “heavy-duty construction,” may involve different elements like a steel belt-enforced build, a spiral nylon wrap around the tire, and even high-tech rubber. Many of these heavy-duty elements are meant to help make AT tires more resistant to punctures, chips, tears, and bruising, which are common risks of driving on uneven or rocky surfaces.

A prime example of all-terrain tires with heavy-duty construction elements is the Firestone Destination XT, which is built for drivers who aren’t intimidated by the unpaved route. The Destination X/T features interlocking sipes to help support stability and longevity throughout the tires warranty period of 50,000 miles.

2. All-Season Tread Design

From dry pavement to wet construction sites to snow-dusted roads, most all-terrain tires are engineered for all-season performance. A common all-season performance feature to look for in all-terrain tires is a specialized tread design. Specifically, all-season tread designs on AT tires often have large tread blocks and staggered shoulder lugs, which give them an aggressive look and help them grip irregular surfaces.

Some models, like the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3, are designed with tread elements for enhanced water evacuation, which helps with resistance to hydroplaning. Certain tire models also have “traction claws,” which help support traction off the road and in the snow.

3. On-Road Performance Features

Though most all-terrain tires have many features that benefit you off-road, good AT tires also offer on-road perks! For example, certain Firestone Transforce A/T light truck tires are designed with 5-degree noise reduction technology, which produces noise-canceling sound waves to help minimize pesky highway humming!

Additionally, some models also have a specialized bead construction that helps improve on-road ride comfort and handling. Many all-terrain tires also feature 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certification, which means that the tire is built for improved performance on snow and ice, in addition to off-road handling.

All-Season Performance On and Off the Road

If you think all-terrain tires are right for you but you're not sure which ones fit your vehicle, go to our tire finder where you can browse by make, model, and year, and see tire models that fit your vehicle. You can even place your order online and have tires shipped to your local Tires Plus for professional installation services and free rotations for life.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, make an appointment and let us help you find the right tire for your next adventure.

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