Winter Tire Technology Videos & More

The Technology Behind Safe, Reliable Snow Tires

Winter attacks cars and trucks. It freezes hoses, frosts windshields, weakens batteries and reduces tire traction.

Tire technology is advancing dramatically to face these and other cold-weather challenges. There are microscopic bubbles that act like a sponge to help disperse water. Tread channels are home to biting edges to improve tire traction. The winter driving experience is speeding toward cool new frontiers.

Today’s snow tires can handle tricky driving conditions. From light flurries to powerful blizzards, conditions that once proved treacherous are handled more readily with today’s snow tires. That's thanks to a commitment to excellence from tire companies around the world.

New winter car tires from Bridgestone, Firestone, Primewell and others have delivered safety and value for years. Watch to see how Bridgestone is revolutionizing winter tire technology, one advancement at a time. The future of snow tires is here! Watch these videos and learn more about Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires today.

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