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You’re busy. Between work, errands, family obligations, school, and everything else you’re juggling, you don’t have time to get stranded with a car that won’t start. Don’t let that happen. Come into Tires Plus for a completely free diagnostic battery check! The battery is the driving life force in your vehicle and it’s certainly not something that you want to gamble with! Our team of experts can let you know if your battery is near death, or how much longer it will likely still be good for. We can even give you a prediction of what temperature ranges will likely cause it to fail.

This free test takes less than a minute, so even the busiest of people can squeeze it into their packed schedule. If the test indicates that your battery is nearing the end of it’s life, Tires Plus offers a variety of replacement car batteries at competitive prices. You shouldn’t risk missing an important meeting or a special event over a dead battery. You definitely shouldn’t risk getting stranded in terrible weather with a car battery that’s D.O.A. Visit a Tires Plus near you on your schedule. Leave with the peace of mind that the battery in your car is healthy and reliable.

Video Transcription

You need to trust your battery. Your battery may be starting your car now, but can you depend on it next month? We can predict at what temperature your battery may fail to start. Batteries never fail when it's convenient. So come in for a free battery check. Takes less than a minute. And leave with peace of mind! If you do need a battery, choose from our line of Interstate Batteries. Recognized as the best, Tires Plus Total Car Care. The "Plus" is in everything we do!

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