Beat the Heat: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer

  • July 29, 2022
image of car interior image of car interior

Summer weather is perfect for relaxing beach days and quick trips to the local ice cream parlor. But high temperatures can heat up your car cabin and make the ride to and from your favorite summer activities unpleasant and sweaty. If you need some help beating the heat, here are five tips on how to keep the inside of your car cool in the summer.

1. Find Covered or Shaded Parking

When trying to figure out how to keep your car cool in the heat, knowing the best places to park is a must. You should try parking in a garage or a covered parking spot whenever possible. While garages and carports can still be warm, they’ll help keep your car out of direct sunlight. If you can’t park in a garage or covered spot, at least try to park under a tree or in a shaded area. The shade can reduce the amount of sunlight hitting your parked car and help keep it cooler.

2. Put a Sunshade in the Windshield

Can’t find any shade? A sunshade is a go-to for many drivers parking outdoors. Sunshades block the sun’s main point of entry into your vehicle to help keep the cabin cooler, especially if you put a sunshade in both the front and rear windshields. Even if you find a shady parking spot, a sunshade can be a good move since the sun shifts throughout the day and you might find more of your vehicle exposed than when you first parked.

3. Cover the Dashboard and Steering Wheel

Sometimes, you might forget to put the sunshade in your windshield. This can lead to you burning your hands on the dash or steering wheel when you enter your vehicle on a scorching and sunny day. Fabric or upholstered dashboard covers and steering wheel covers can help keep these parts of your cabin cooler to the touch and create a more enjoyable experience. Plus, they can help protect the vinyl on your dashboard from fading or cracking in the sun.

4. Tint Your Windows

Looking for a more long-term solution for cooling your cabin? Consider tinting your windows. Window tints can help reduce the amount of solar heat entering your vehicle to keep it cooler, and most quality window tints will last for years. Just make sure you’re aware of your state’s window tint laws and don’t exceed the maximum tint darkness. 

5. Keep Your A/C in Top Shape

While window shades, covered parking, and tinted windows can help make your vehicle cooler when you get in, you count on your A/C to keep you cool while driving to all your favorite summer destinations. For help keeping your car cool in summer, make sure your air conditioning system is in the best shape possible.

Issues with your HVAC system can impact how your A/C performs, and hot weather can exacerbate these issues and cause your A/C to fail. If you notice your vehicle’s A/C is only blowing warm air or making funny noises, you may have an A/C leak or other problem. Luckily, the pros at your local Tires Plus can help with our heating and A/C repair services

You shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong to have your A/C checked, though. It’s a good idea to have an air conditioning service performed at the beginning of summer to catch and fix any problems early on. The last thing you want is to find yourself without air conditioning in the middle of triple-digit weather. 

Turn to Tires Plus for A/C Maintenance and Repairs

Ensure that your vehicle stays running cool all summer long by properly maintaining your cooling system. From A/C recharges to general maintenance, the professionals at Tires Plus have you covered. Schedule an appointment at your nearest location today.

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