10 Earth-Aware Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

  • Feb 1,2021
10 Earth-Aware Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel 10 Earth-Aware Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

Car driving down foggy road at dawn with wind turbines in the backgroundTaking proactive steps to make your travels more eco-friendly can not only reduce your carbon footprint but can also save you money! Use these eco-friendly driving tips from the experts at Tires Plus to help keep both your wallet and the planet a little greener!

1. Choose fuel-efficient tires.

The right tires can help you save money on gas and help save the environment. Tires like Bridgestone Ecopia are designed with greener materials, low rolling resistance (the force it takes to keep tires moving), and all-season traction for maximum fuel-efficiency and safety.

2. Hold on to your gas cap.

According to EcoDriving USA, 147 million gallons of fuel vaporize into the air each year due to loose or missing gas caps. Fortunately, there’s a simple method for resolving this issue: make sure your gas cap is always on and close it tightly after each stop at the pump.

3. Use high-quality motor oil.

Do your part by opting for high-quality motor oil like Pennzoil. Choosing a superior brand and grade of oil can reduce carbon emissions, increase fuel efficiency, and help minimize waste.

Additionally, avoid performing your oil changes at home, as you may have a hard time disposing of your oil properly. Instead, visit your local Tires Plus to ensure that your next oil change is done right and your old oil is correctly disposed of or even recycled!

4. Use cruise control.

To help achieve eco-friendly driving on the highway, use cruise control whenever possible and weather permitting. This feature helps you maintain a constant speed, which can save you gas and reduce your carbon footprint one MPG at a time!

5. Avoid aggressive driving.

Hard stops, excessive acceleration, and other aggressive driving habits don’t just bother others on the road — they can also harm the environment. Gas mileage can also decrease more rapidly at speeds above 50mph, so be sure to follow the speed limit. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, aggressive driving can lower your gas mileage by roughly 15% to 30% at highway speeds.

6. Maintain your tires.

Tire care is essential for eco-friendly travel. For instance, proper tire inflation can help improve your gas mileage by up to 3%, reports FuelEconomy.gov, while misaligned tires can cause up to a 10% decrease in fuel efficiency, according to Investopedia. Additionally, tires designed to provide lower rolling resistance, like Bridgestone Ecopia tires, can offer superior fuel-efficiency when compared to other tire types.

In a nutshell, proper tire maintenance and strategic tire choices can help you get farther on less gas, going the extra mile for the environment in the process! If you want to reap the benefits of proper tire care, make routine appointments to rotate, inspect and align your tires, and consider trading in your current tires for more fuel-efficient options.

The experts at your local Tires Plus will ensure your new tires are adequately inflated, optimally aligned, and skillfully rotated to get the most from your tires’ tread.

7. Don’t idle.

Idling has adverse effects both on the environment and your wallet, reports the Environmental Defense Fund. An idling car can release harmful chemicals, gases, and other pollutants into the air unnecessarily. Unless you’re idling for less than 10 seconds, you’re likely to use more fuel than you would by simply turning off your car while you wait and restarting it when you’re ready to go!

8. Wash without waste.

Your standard garden hose emits about 10 gallons of water per minute — take 10 minutes to wash your car, and that’s up to 100 gallons of water! Consider taking your vehicle to a self-serve car wash which only uses an average of 15 gallons of water per vehicle. It also drains directly into a wastewater treatment plant rather than your grass or neighborhood storm drain.

If you prefer to wash at home, invest in a hose with an automatic shutoff nozzle or a low-pressure power washer. These only use about two to five gallons of water per minute. To take it a step further, be sure to use non-toxic, biodegradable, or waterless car soap.

9. Travel light

When looking for ideas of how to travel more sustainably, try packing light! Avoid traveling with cargo on your roof, which can increase wind resistance and decrease fuel efficiency. Additionally, refrain from keeping heavy items stashed away in your trunk. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an extra 100 pounds could reduce your MPG by approximately 1%.

10. Travel less.

These tips for eco-friendly travel can help save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. But the simplest and fastest way to cut down on your emissions is to reduce the number of trips you take! Think mindfully when hitting the road. Whether you’re running errands, topping up gas, or taking a long road trip, drive with sustainability in mind and plan your route for the fewest trips possible.

Start Your Eco Journey at Tires Plus

Sustainable driving can be great for both the environment and your wallet. And when you're ready to start your journey toward eco-friendly travel, head to a Tires Plus near you for eco-friendly tires, regular vehicle maintenance, and more! Whether you're looking to save money or save the planet, we're here to help by getting you back on the road in eco-friendly style!

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