5 Simple Car Maintenance Tips to Help You Save Money

  • Feb 24,2020
Man inflating car tire Man inflating car tire

No matter how old or new your vehicle is, you'll probably spend money on car repairs at some point. Some parts of your car wear out from daily use, while others can deteriorate due to weather, driving habits, road conditions, and other external factors. But with a bit of simple car maintenance, you could save money on car repairs while also helping your vehicle performance go the extra mile. Here are five simple car maintenance tips to help you save money and keep your engine healthy.

1. Change Your Oil

As far as preventative maintenance goes, changing your oil is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. Getting regular oil changes helps your engine run at peak performance by lubricating your motor’s moving components. Not changing your oil can cause excess heat and friction in your engine, which could prompt some parts to wear out quickly or break entirely.

How it can save you money: Regular oil changes can help reduce many unnecessary engine problems. While these engine repairs could cost you thousands, an oil change usually costs less than $100 — depending on your vehicle, oil type, and whether you use Tires Plus oil change coupons.

Use the right oil for your vehicle.

In addition to regular oil changes, it's essential to use the right oil for your vehicle. Check your manufacturer's recommended oil type or ask your Tires Plus technician about the best kind of oil for your car. From high mileage to synthetic, Tires Plus can help you get the right oil to keep your engine running as it should.

2. Take Care of Your Tires

When you don't take care of your tires, they can't perform like they were designed to. For example, unbalanced tires can lead to unpredictable vehicle handling, notes the U.S. Department of Transportation. Compromised handling can then damage many vehicle components, including the engine mount, suspension system, and wheel assembly. All of that damage costs money to fix! Then there's your safety, and no one can put a price tag on that.

Neglecting preventative tire care like pressure checks, wheel alignments, tire rotations, and balancing services can lead to uneven tread wear, which could shorten your tires' lifespan and compromise your safety on the road.

Help prevent your tires from wearing prematurely by checking your tire pressure every other time you visit the gas station, and refilling them to your vehicle manufacturer's recommended PSI when needed! If you don't have access to a tire pressure gauge or air pump, visit your local Tires Plus for free tire pressure checks.

Additionally, schedule routine appointments to get your tires balanced, aligned and rotated. Download the Tires Plus app to help you keep up with your maintenance schedule and get reminded of when it's time to take care of your tires.

How it can save you money: Damage to the wheel assembly could cost hundreds of dollars to fix, while replacing shocks and struts could cost thousands. Keeping your tires properly inflated, balanced, rotated, and aligned with affordable tire maintenance services is a small price to pay to help avoid these issues.

3. Check Your Air Filter

Your engine air filter helps keep dirt, dust, and debris from being sucked into the engine. Since the engine needs a combination of clean air and fuel for combustion to happen, a dirty air filter can cause several problems. If your air filter is clogged up or too dirty, it can potentially cause engine misfires, poor fuel efficiency, or reduced performance. At Tires Plus, our expert technicians visually inspect your air filter each time you come in for an oil change, so you can make informed decisions about whether your car needs a filter replacement. After all, you’re in the driver’s seat!

How it can save you money: Getting a new air filter installed is generally affordable. Not getting a dirty filter replaced, however, could cost thousands of dollars if debris gets into the engine and damages essential vehicle components.

4. Check Hoses and Belts

Your car has an intricate network of belts and hose, all of which have important jobs. If one wears out, cracks, or springs a leak, it could spell disaster for your vehicle. On hoses, look for cracks near connection points and places where the hose is bent. For belts, check for cracks near the edges and feel the belt to see if it feels stiff or rigid. If you're not sure how to check your own hoses and belts, visit your local Tires Plus for a free visual inspection.

How it can save you money: A hose or belt replacement costs somewhere between the price of an oil change and battery replacement, depending on the location and purpose. However, engine or transmission repairs due to low fluids from a leaky hose can cost significantly more. Additionally, engine repairs due to a loose or broken belt can cost thousands.

5. Get a Routine Vehicle Inspection

Checking every belt, hose, and filter on your vehicle can take up a lot of time. And if you don't know where to look or what to look for, you could miss some important warning signs! Instead, get some of the best money-saving car maintenance by bringing your vehicle into a Tires Plus near you for a full vehicle inspection. Our professional technicians can help you keep up with preventative maintenance, so you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

Schedule your appointment online or through the Tires Plus app, and find coupons for popular maintenance services like oil changes, fluid exchanges, and wheel alignments. It's another way we help save you money and keep you in the driver's seat — where you belong!

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