What is Included in a Car Tune Up?

  • Jun 4,2020
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"Time for a tune-up!" You've probably heard this saying many times before. But what is a car tune-up, and what does it include? Well, we've got the answers! Get the rundown on tune-ups before your car’s next service appointment.

What is a Car Tune Up?

A car tune-up is a form of preventative maintenance or service to your vehicle. It's not necessarily a single, universal service that's the same for every vehicle or auto shop.

A car tune-up is generally meant to ensure that you are getting the most from your vehicle. That's because over time, parts of your engine, ignition, and emissions systems can get dirty, worn out, cracked, damaged, or just old. If left unattended, wear and tear of your car’s internal components can decrease fuel efficiency, engine performance, and even the life of the engine and fuel systems.

What Does a Tune Up Do For Your Car?

Following a tune-up, you may notice that your engine starts easier and runs smoother. By keeping the engine and fuel systems clean and working as they should, your vehicle doesn't have to work as hard to give you maximum performance. You may notice increased fuel economy following a tune-up. Additionally, a tune-up can help decrease emissions, which is great for you and the environment. Win-win!

Care Tune Up Checklist

From cleaning spark plugs to checking filters, there are many services that can be considered part of a car tune-up. Here are some services you typically might receive during a tune-up.

  • Air filter check and replacement
  • Fuel filter check and replacement
  • Fuel system check and cleaning
  • Spark plug check, cleaning, and replacement
  • Time and idling setting check
  • Visual inspection of engine components

How Often Does A Car Need A Tune Up?

Traditionally, vehicles without electronic ignitions could only go about 5,000-10,000 miles between tune-ups. Today, most vehicles with electronic ignitions are scheduled to go about 25,000 to 100,000 miles before needing a major tune-up. However, the number of miles your vehicle can go between tune-ups depends on the year, make, and model and your driving conditions. To best take care of your car's engine, ignition, and emission systems, follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.

Signs Your Car Needs A Tune Up

If your vehicle has gone 25,000 miles or more without getting a tune-up, it might be time to bring it in. However, there may be times when a tune-up is necessary outside of the manufacturer's service maintenance schedule. It could be time for a tune-up if you notice any of the following signs in your vehicle.

  • Your vehicle's gas mileage has decreased
  • Your vehicle's engine has less power
  • Your engine sounds rough while running or stalls when the vehicle is stopped
  • You hear a knocking when accelerating
  • Your "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light remains on after you've started the vehicle

Tune Ups At Tires Plus

While most tune-up services are a good way to keep up with preventative maintenance, they usually do not cover other essential components of your vehicle that can benefit from preventative maintenance. This is why Tires Plus strives to keep your entire vehicle in top working condition with our free Courtesy Vehicle Check or a Complete Vehicle Inspection! Every time you come in, you'll receive our Courtesy Vehicle Check, which includes a visual inspection of your tires, lights, fluid levels, wipers, belts, battery, hoses, and more.

For a more comprehensive service, schedule an appointment for a Complete Vehicle Inspection at Tires Plus! In addition to the services you receive during our Courtesy Vehicle Check, we'll inspect your ignition system, steering, suspension, exhaust system, engine, brakes, fuel filter, and fuel systems.

At Tires Plus, we do more than keep your engine running. We make sure your vehicle is ready for the road ahead.

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