Making Your Family Road Trip Memorable

  • Jul 10,2019
Children in stroller in front of car Children in stroller in front of car

Hello! I live in the charming suburbs of Atlanta with my better half and our cuddly, and not-so-camera-shy sweeties, Milanca and Maksym. I absolutely adore being a mama and spending time with my little family. I am a self-described health-nut, lover of all things organic, photo enthusiast and inspired by all things beautiful. Deep down, I’m a wanderlust at heart and love to take road trips. So taking a family getaway is the perfect way for my family to enjoy life.

We love the ocean, sand and salty air. And since the closest body of water is about four hours away from our home, can you say road trip?! We do tons of them. Over the years, I’ve learned some great tips and would love to share them with you all today. Follow along on one of our most recent trips to Orlando then Daytona Beach Shores. Each spring, we love to take the kids on an adventure they will remember forever. So let's get into all the tips on making the most memorable road trip.

Pack Light

Taking a road trip means you only have so much room. Trust me, I need to eat my own words on this one. I love to overpack but through the years I have taught myself to pack less. If you have a family like me then you know what it’s like to bring too much. All the extra items are not needed. We come home with clothes or undergarments that were never even worn. Remember, kids can wear clothes twice if not soiled. I start to pack one week ahead of time and I plan each outfit and roll the clothes neatly into luggage. You may even save some money on gas without extra luggage weighing you down. That is always a great perk!


Guys, we are huge music lovers and so are my kids. We will sing, dance and play the air guitar in the car. Can you say fun times? I create the ultimate playlist for our car drive. If I know we have an eight-hour drive, I will create multiple playlists. My kids love Stevie Nicks, so if I want them to fall asleep I just pop on my calming music and the sleeps begin. I love to play a little music that reminds my hubby and me of our younger days. Old school music is always fun and brings back so many great memories. Create a playlist of music that your family will love


If you are a mom then you know growing kids are hungry 24/7! My kiddos want to eat every hour on the hour – it kills me. So I’ll bring a bunch of healthy snacks that are packed with protein. Did you know that protein can make you feel full longer? I buy beef jerky or an assortment of nuts. I recommend packing whatever snacks your family loves.


We all love to be entertained, right? Depending on a child’s age it can be found in something as simple as a pipe cleaner. I tell the kids to make fun shapes out them. I have used coloring books in the past and other creative gadgets. I haven’t forgotten about the adults – we need to be entertained as well or we will fall asleep driving. I have this little game I play with my hubby to keep him awake. It’s called "Name that Movie". We basically will say a phrase from a movie and the other needs to guess the movie. We always have so much fun playing it and my husband is always the winner. You should definitely play this game on your upcoming road trip.

Car Safety

When taking a road trip, our number one concern is safety. We cannot forget about the wheels that take you to your destination. I suggest getting your tires checked or purchasing a brand new set before road trips. My hubby is crazy about always buying run-flat tires. He believes they are the best thing since sliced bread. We have used our local Tires Plus for years. If they do not have the tires we use in stock they will have them there in two days. I love using Tires Plus as they are so easy to work with and can service my car fast. You can contact your local Tires Plus and make an appointment prior to your road trip. Even if you don’t need new tires I’d recommend you make an appointment to get them checked out for safety. Here is the link

Thank you all for reading! You can follow along with my everyday adventures on Instagram @Can1love

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