6 Reasons to Pursue an Automotive Career

  • February 18, 2022
image of an automotive technician at work image of an automotive technician at work

Maybe you’ve been a lifelong car enthusiast, or you’ve always had a passion for learning how things work. Either way, if you’ve found yourself wondering, “is the automotive industry a good career choice for me?” The answer could be yes. That is if you’re looking for a rewarding career ripe with opportunities.  

Still undecided? Here are six reasons you should consider pursuing a career in the automotive industry. 

1. Ever-Changing, Fulfilling Work

One benefit to starting a career in the automotive industry? You’ll never be bored. Automotive technicians get to do satisfying work every day: they’re able to work with their hands, think strategically, communicate with clients, and problem-solve. As an automotive technician, you’ll have the opportunity to stay sharp as you continuously learn new skills and technologies, while keeping up with industry advancements.

In addition to automotive maintenance technician jobs, various positions are available within the automotive industry. Consider trying your hand at management and administration or dive head-first into a retail sales position. 

Working in the auto industry will allow you to serve your community in a meaningful way — regardless of your title. At Tires Plus, you’ll enjoy knowing your work is worthwhile, essential, and improves the lives of others. 

2. You Can Start a Career ASAP 

Want to jump-start your career path quickly? The automotive industry is a great place to be. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or are looking to try out something new, we have opportunities for everyone. If you’ve been wondering how long it takes to become an automotive service technician, you’ll be pleased to learn that earning your ASE certification takes as little as two years. 

3. Plenty of Advancement Opportunities

There are many different ways to grow a career in vehicle maintenance and repair — especially as an auto technician. Look, and you'll find plenty of entry-level jobs in the automotive industry, mid-level opportunities, and many paths for advancement. Over time, you’ll be able to take on new challenges, bolster your resume, and ultimately become an expert in the field. 

4. Real Job Security

There are an estimated 289.5 million registered vehicles in the US alone, and their maintenance relies upon the human touch of automotive professionals. While we do use cutting-edge technology to help diagnose and treat auto issues, no amount of automotive technology can replace good old-fashioned elbow grease. Therefore, you’d likely never have to worry about your position becoming obsolete.

5. Competitive Pay 

It takes talent to succeed within the auto industry — and there’s a high demand for qualified, reputable automotive professionals. Therefore, as an automotive technician, you can expect to be well-compensated. At Tires Plus, we value our team and offer competitive wages whether you’re entry-level or have years of work experience under your belt.

6. Great Benefits 

One of the key differences between a job and a career? Benefits! It isn’t always easy to find entry-level jobs — or automotive positions, for that matter — that offer benefits beyond salary. 

However, Tires Plus offers:

  • Paid training programs for all positions, including techs, mechanics, retail sales, and management
  • Paid vacation and holidays so that you can enjoy time off to relax or celebrate with loved ones
  • Healthcare packages are offered from day one to ensure you’re able to access healthcare and feel your best
  • Retirement planning to help you prepare for life after a fulfilling career 

Start Your Automotive Career at Tires Plus

A career in the automotive industry will equip you with a new skillset, allow you to work in a bustling high-tech environment, and provide long-term job security. Not to mention,  you’ll enjoy competitive wages and benefits. 

Geared up and ready to make your next career move? Tires Plus can help you get started. Check out the available automotive technician positions at your nearby Tires Plus and apply today! 


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